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Why Clean Restrooms Matter So Much


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The reason whether or not clients return to your facility may be hiding in your bathrooms. The cleanliness of your bathrooms leaves a strong impression on customers and can be an indicator to them of how you run the rest of your business. Wet floors, scattered debris and dirty toilets are incredibly off-putting to customers and can have lasting negative affects on customer relations.

Due to recent pandemic events, restrooms have come under further scrutiny. Restrooms are key areas of pathogen transmission. Dirty restrooms can help to perpetuate the spread of Coronavirus among other diseases.

Bennett Building Services knows that routine restroom cleaning is essential for customer relations, employee happiness and maintaining a healthy building environment. We are confident that we can make your restrooms a source of pride for your building, rather than something to hide. 


Who Cares?

According to a survey run by Harris Interactive, 90% of Americans think employers who deep clean restrooms regularly care about their health and wellness in the workplace. Needless to say, your employees believing you care about their safety while they're at work is incredibly important in maintaining employee satisfaction.

In another survey run by Harris Interactive, on behalf of SCA Tissue North America, 29% of U.S. adults stated they would never return to a restaurant with extremely unclean and unsanitary restrooms. Additionally, "50% of those who visit restaurants said they would tell their friends and family about a negative experience with an unclean or unsanitary restroom." 

Americans value a clean restroom and are put-off when one is dirty and unsanitary. They will also tell people about it. Featuring the cleanest restroom possible keeps clients happy and coming back to your trusted establishment. 


Our Six - Step Restroom Cleaning Process Is Here to Help You!

This is where Bennett Building Services can help. We design our cleaning programs to combat the wear and tear heaped onto your restrooms. We use a top-down cleaning method, to ensure that everything is properly cleaned and sanitized.  

  1. Dusting- We begin by dusting and removing cobwebs from high places in your restroom.  We use an extendable dusting wand that makes it easy to reach all the spots that dust may go unnoticed. Making sure to remove dust from your fans and vents improves indoor air quality.
  2. Disinfection - EPA grade disinfectant is dispersed throughout the restroom and allowed to dwell, making sure all pathogens and microbes that may be lurking are killed.
  3. Sinks and Mirrors- We use our glass cleaner and wipe down the mirror making sure to leave no streaks. We then clean your sinks, making sure to clean any dirt and grime and then removing any excess mineral buildup around the faucet. We finish by checking soap and paper towel dispensers, and replacing them as necessary.
  4. Toilets and Urinals- We clean your entire toilet. Top to bottom, we check every part to get any build up that may accumulate in hard to see areas. Making sure to clean the parts of the bowl where the water is dispensed is key to managing mineral buildup. We then finish by replacing toilet paper and seat covers as necessary.
  5. Trash Removal-  Trash is removed from your bathroom routinely. Trash buildup can potentially become the worst contributor to air quality degradation. Removing trash and feminine hygiene products regularly is a key contributor in keeping your restrooms smelling fresh.
  6. Floor Cleaning- Consistent sweeping and mopping is the best way to avoid wet and sticky floors. When we clean your floors, we sweep up all debris and mop every inch of your restroom. Doing this daily is key to keeping your floors clean and clear of sticky liquids and contaminants. 


Restroom Deep Cleaning Process

If your restroom needs an intensive deep clean, Bennett Buildings Service can help with that as well. Our restroom deep clean includes:

  1. Pressure Washing Surfaces - Removes tough build-up and grime.
  2. Wall Washing - Walls are scrubbed with a disinfecting cleaner to remove any stains and discoloration and revive bathroom.
  3. Horizontals, Verticals, Fixtures Detail Cleaned - We clean every horizontal and vertical item in the bathroom. This includes any ledges, stands, partitions, TP holders. We then detail clean all the fixtures in the restroom. Polishing them as needed to restore shine. 
  4. Ceramic Tile Scrub - As the last step, the floors are deep scrubbed. If they are ceramic tile floors, the grout lines are deep scrubbed to restore grout color and remove dirt from the grout lines.


Let Bennett Take Care of Your Restrooms

Give us a ring and let us get to work on creating a beautiful, clean space for your business. Also, check out our other content offerings for more knowledge on how to create a green and clean work atmosphere.



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