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A clean office is essential for your teams and daily operations, and we know you expect your building to be clean when you arrive in the morning.

Office cleaning services from Bennett Building Services includes general cleaning services combined with carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, and disinfection to improve office health and productivity. Our comprehensive cleaning services are specialized around three key areas of service: People, Process and Controls.

Comprehensive Commercial Office Cleaning Services

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Services Featured with Bennett Office Cleaning

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Restroom Care

Clean restrooms boost workplace health, employee morale, and indoor air quality. Daily cleaning and sanitation in restrooms will keep germs and foul odors at bay, keeping your team cleaner, safer, and happier.



Carpet Cleaning

under-cleaned carpet holds dirt and dust that wear away at the fabric and retain unpleasant odors. Daily vacuuming and deep cleaning services help to offset wear and tear keeping your carpeting effective for longer. 


Floor Maintenance

Daily floor cleaning keeps floors clean and clear of debris. Our daily floor services utilize sweeping and mopping as well as auto scrubbers for specific buildings. We also offer floor refinishing services including burnishing, and stripping and waxing. 

window cleaning

Window Cleaning

Clean and shining windows allow natural light to shine into your office, boosting mood, morale, and even potential savings on lighting. Our window cleaning team works with you to set up a time of service that works around your busy schedule. This also helps us minimize our disruption to your team and operations. 


Disinfection Services

Our two step disinfection process targets germs and viral pathogens where they live on high traffic touch points in your office. We offer several disinfection programs utilizing a variety of electrostatic sprayers to meet the needs of our customers. Our disinfection services feature the Clorox 360 machine, and electrostatic sprayers.


Our team is the driver behind everything we're able to accomplish. Our cleaners move mountains for our customers each night, delivering consistent, quality service. We provide industry-leading training and incentive programs to help develop team members and turn them into leaders within our company and in their communities. Prioritizing training and development of our front-line employees keep turnover rates low, improving consistency and service quality for our customers.


Bennett Building Services features Green Cleaning programs at all of our facilities. Why? We believe that utilizing more environmentally sustainable cleaning options is a win-win. We equip our team with industry-leading equipment. Our maintenance team keeps on top of repairs and updates, that way our cleaners always have to right tools to complete the job. Effective equipment in the hands of dependable cleaners helps us deliver quality cleaning every night.


Each building service receives its own personally tailored cleaning service plan. We work with our clients to make sure they are getting all of the services they need, cutting out excess services, saving them money in the process. We work with all of our clients to set up regular inspection schedules at their buildings. We input the inspection report through a mobile app and keep everything tracked within our digital system. Keeping accurate data on all of our facilities and measuring cleaning performance trends of long and short periods helps us deliver high-quality cleaning in the long-term.

Service First!

Our company mission is "Service First" which means we have a commitment to taking care of everyone. From our clients to our front-line workers, we strive to improve the lives (and building cleanliness) of each person we interact with. We provide our clients with a direct line to difference makers within our organization. Our employees receive a SERVE bonus, which rewards attendance records and cleaning performance grades. Working together to improve cleaning and careers is how we put Service First!

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We are a trusted, local janitorial services company providing commercial cleaning and janitorial services for businesses in Columbus. Bennett Building Services takes pride in providing each of our customers with personalized care.

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