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Integrating Disinfection Services with Daily Cleaning



Right now, it is critical to integrate routine disinfection practices into your building cleaning services. Covid- 19 cases are still on the rise in the United States and more and more businesses are feeling the financial pressure to return to work. Keeping your employees safe and healthy is the top priority and the best way to keep operations running smoothly. 

We know it's stressful to return to work, that's why we've been working on cleaning solutions to help you safely return and stay at work. We’re developing new disinfection programs for you to choose to have implemented in your building. These programs include cleaning and disinfecting high traffic touch points and full coverage surface disinfection. 


Summit means guaranteed clean!

We're working on finding the best, new cleaning solutions to adapt to the current health crisis. Our goal is to create the healthiest workspace for you and your employees without taking away from the high level of cleaning that you are used to. By targeting high traffic touch points like door handles, printers and lunch tables, we can reduce spread of viral pathogens and keep your building safe and healthy for all who inhabit it.   


An Efficient Disinfection Process for your Building

The first stage in our disinfection process is to wipe down all surfaces. We begin with a thorough cleaning wipe. This removes a large amount of dirt, dust and germs that settle on surfaces in your building. Removing these contaminants increases the effectiveness of the disinfecting chemicals. 

We then continue by spraying our EPA grade disinfectant on the cleaned surface, allowing it to air dry. Allowing the chemicals to air dry is the best bet to optimize disinfection. If your employees are still working while we are cleaning, it is still effective to apply disinfectant and wipe is off with a clean rag. Improving building occupants safety, while minimizing disruptions is another advantage when choosing Summit! 

We are beginning to offer more advanced mechanized disinfection services as well. We have begun to implement the use of the electrostatic sprayers, fog atomizer sprayers and other spraying tools to apply antiviral solutions more effectively and efficiently. These new tools are helping us deliver consistent, high quality disinfection services for our clients. 


Cleaner buildings are just a call away!

We’re ready with the knowledge and equipment to keep your building safe and running smoothly. By implementing cleaning and disinfection services you can get your business back up and running in no time, of course, we still recommend wearing masks and socially distancing when possible. 


Additional resources

These sources help us create better, more effective cleaning plans for our customers. Please refer to them to learn more about products we're using.