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Creating a Floor Maintenance Program for Your Facility


Floor refinishing for hard surface floors greatly improves the appearance of your facility. Bennett Building Services offers floor services for a wide assortment of flooring types from natural stone to VCT and many others. 

Each floor needs its own maintenance schedule, which is going to have an effect on pricing. Bennett can create a flooring maintenance program that works best for your distinct flooring material. Our industry-leading expertise allows us to provide the most beneficial cleaning and refinishing services to our clients. We use some of the following floor care techniques to deliver bright and glossy finishes for our customers facilities.

1. Stripping and Waxing

A popular floor refinishing service. These services remove all existing layers of finish from your flooring and replace them with several fresh coats of finish. We find annual or semi-annual treatment is typically a proper frequency for many floors. This option is best suited for revitalizing scuffed and dirty high traffic floors. Stripping and waxing services also remove deep-seated stains from your flooring, leaving a fresh, shining finish for your entire floor.

Fresh, refinished floors are significantly easier to clean. Dust and dirt sitting on top of the new coat of wax become simple to pick up with a quick dust mop. Additionally, fresh coats of wax require less water with a wet mop, preventing streaky or slippery floors. 


2. Top Scrub and Re-coat

Top scrub and re-coating services remove the top of layers of finish and replace them with a couple of fresh coats of finish. We typically use this method as an intermediate maintenance measure that helps restore dull floors. Some benefits of more frequent top scrubs is extending the time between stripping and waxing. Regular maintenance also helps to keep a glossier finish for longer between full re-finishing. This option is cheaper than full stripping and waxing services as it takes less time and manpower. 

3. Burnishing

Burnishing is a deep clean that polishes the top layer of your floor and leaves a glossy, shiny finish. As with all of the cleaning services we offer, burnishing is a strong measure to improve and extend the quality of your flooring. Our customers appreciate this as a regular maintenance measure. With a quality, high-speed scrubber our team can cover large areas in a relatively short amount of time. That drives down price and give yours floors that shining glossy finish. 


Our Crew in Your Buildings

How does our team approach project work in your facility? Our project division works independently from our nightly cleaners. Their flexibility allows us to work quickly and effectively around your schedule. We've found that it's easiest to complete our work in an empty building with minimal distractions. However, if this isn't an option, our team is prepared to work with your team to provide the most seamless service possible. 

We tailor all of our services to the needs of each individual building. We're always working to improve our service quality to pass onto our customers. Creating more efficient and effective cleaning programs helps us deliver the highest quality service at an affordable price.