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7 Reasons Why Your Cleaning Schedule Matters More Than You Realize

How often is your building being cleaned? Unless you are in charge of deciding hours and frequency of service for your building, you probably don’t know. A calibrated maintenance schedule can be the difference between a clean, healthy, and productive office and a drab, allergy-inducing one.

Benefits of Routine Janitorial Cleaning

1. Better Cleaning

Regular cleaning is the best way to ensure consistent disinfection and allergen removal. Implementing more frequent cleaning services allows us to really focus on maintaining Indoor Air Quality at a high level and that makes a huge impact for the occupants of your facility. 

Allocating time and incorporating detail cleaning into your building specifications is a huge added benefit to your final cleaning product. High and low dusting, vent cleaning, detail vacuuming, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning are weekly to quarterly cleaning tasks that can be really be game changers for your building health. 


2. Pandemic Cleaning

Now more so than ever, setting and keeping a cleaning schedule is essential. Pinning down disinfection days, areas, and methodology are critical in keeping building occupants healthy. 

Check out our disinfection services page to learn more about Coronavirus cleaning procedures and see how we can implement them at your facility. 


3. Boost Employee Productivity

Numerous studies have shown clean buildings significantly improve worker productivity. Setting up your cleaning program to maximize the cleanliness and efficiency of your space has dynamic effects on your staff.

Lunchrooms and restrooms are both notorious for creating a myriad of unpleasant odors that can harm employee morale. Daily cleaning and waste removal is a strong first step in keeping these areas fresh. 


4. Healthier Working Environments

Frequent cleaning reduces germs and harmful bacteria that can live in your office. Regular cleaning of restrooms, lunchrooms and other high traffic areas in your facility reduces the accumulation of dust, dirt and harmful pathogens in the air and on your building surfaces.

Daily vacuuming and weekly dusting and cobweb removal improve Indoor Air Quality. Removing dust, cleaning and disinfecting high traffic touch points in your building greatly reduce the spread of infectious germs, decreasing the likelihood office health issues.


5. Impress Your Customers

Treat your customers to a clean and welcoming experience in your building. A clean building lets your clients know you take pride in how you present your business and the care you take regarding your clients and employees health and safety. 

Whether you're an office hosting executive meetings with clients or a store dazzling customers on the showroom floor, your visitors will be pleased to find a fresh and clean building awaiting them.


6. More Accurate Quality Assurance

A fixed maintenance schedule helps us deliver highly consistent service for our customers. Knowing when your building has been cleaned helps our quality assurance inspectors accurately assess the quality of work our cleaner is putting into your building.

Accurately assessing our cleaner's performance is the best way for us to correct cleaning deficiencies in a timely manner making sure you're receiving consistent cleaning every time we step in your building.


7. Long Term Savings

Daily vacuuming and regular hard surface floor care can greatly improve the life of your flooring systems. Semi-regularly scheduled deep cleaning services extend the life of your flooring, creating long term value from your flooring systems.

Routine carpet care routines remove a large amount dust, dirt and allergens. These contaminants left unattended and under heavy foot traffic will tear and destroy the fabric of your carpet and coating in hard surface floors. 


How Should You Schedule Your Cleaning?

Cleaning frequency varies from building to building depending on size, occupancy and building functionality. Choose a cleaning schedule that optimizes your employees health, safety and productivity.

Office cleaning is generally done after work hours, to avoid interruption to your workplace. Loud vacuuming while you're trying to concentrate on a task or make a call can be detrimental to your productivity. Manufacturers who operate 24 hour a day don't have the luxury of cleaning an empty building. In this scenario, it can best that to establish a firm time frame in which cleaning is going to be done to ensure accountability and consistency in service. 

Bennett is ready, day or night to provide your building with fast, efficient and effective cleaning to keep your building looking, and operating at its best.